How to Be an A+ Student from the Start–Part 1

Are you taking lessons for the first time? Resuming lessons after a hiatus? Getting ready to switch over from another studio? In this blog series, I’ll discuss some tips and tricks to help you be successful right from the start!

Treat your music with care and remember to bring it every time!

Why: Although my music library is constantly growing, I don’t always have extra copies on hand. Also, chances are your score has been marked up with finger numbers, corrections, or other comments. These markings help me keep track of your progress and address your weaknesses more efficiently. Additionally, failure to work from the same score can create inconsistencies in your practicing. This in turn will slow your progress and leave you frustrated. Piano is challenging enough with the proper music; so don’t let this problem become a roadblock on your path to success!

How: The solution is simple: Stay organized and keep everything in the same place. For most of you, a 3-ring binder is essential since you will receive handouts on a fairly regular basis. Similarly, if you’re the parent of an early elementary student, your child will likely have multiple books to keep track of every week. In this case, it’s helpful to store your books in a carrying tote or bag when not in use. If you make it into a habit now, you’ll be ready to grab and go on lesson days!

How to Be an A+ Student from the Start–Part 2

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