Star Charts

At the beginning of the school year, I introduced a new sticker chart system to reward my young students for their hard work.  Each week, students have an opportunity to earn stars by following instructions on their practice sheets, completing theory games, or by going above and beyond on their assignments.  So far, the chart system has been a huge hit! My students have been working extra hard to earn their stars, and a few have already been awarded the coveted “three-star” prize.  Now, I’ll do a happy dance for that any day! 🙂

Star Opportunity #1

1. Brought practice sheet to the lesson.

2. Checked off one or more practice days.

3. Correctly performed one or more prep-steps picked at random from practice sheet.

Star Opportunity #2

1. Completed weekly Tonic Tutor assignment.

2. Completed any additional homework assignments.

Star Opportunity #3

1. Exceeded expectations by a significant amount.

2. Teacher was shrieking with delight.

3. We all jumped up and started dancing.





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