Chelsea’s Summer Entertainment Guide

Need something to satisfy your musical cravings this summer?  Wondering how you’ll ever survive these next two months without your favorite piano teacher? 😉 Fear not, for this guide is sure to keep any music-lover happy this summer!  From cool websites and apps, to movies and TV, to live performances at local venues, there’s a little something to please everyone.  You’ll have so much fun, it’ll be fall again before you know it!

Local Venues


SPAC is a world-class performance venue in our hometown where you can hear everything from classical greats like Holst, to Billboard Top 40 artists like Halsey.  Piano students won’t want to miss Carnival of the Animals on August 9th featuring Lucas and Arthur Jussen in a thrilling piano duo alongside the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Music students can even save 20% off ticket prices with a special discount code.


Skidmore College

Every summer, high-caliber musicians from around the world flock to the Arthur Zankel Music Center at beautiful Skidmore College.  Whether you’re enrolled at the college or simply consider yourself  a student of the world, you can catch first-rate performances without having to pay first-class prices, or often any admission at all.  Be sure to check out performances by the Skidmore Jazz Institute and the illustrious DeCoda chamber music ensemble before the summer is over!


Proctors Theater

Watching musical performances, Broadway tours, and comedy shows in the historic Proctors Theater is a treat well worth the drive to nearby Schenectady, NY.  Just be sure to reserve your seats early because tickets sell out fast!


Film & TV

Florence Foster Jenkins

Based on a true story, this film depicts the hilarious and heart-warming tale of a wealthy patron of the arts and amateur soprano who was widely regarded as the world’s worst opera singer.  Starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant.  Free with Amazon Prime.  (PG-13)




This dramatic comedy celebrates the life, music, and eccentric genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Since sweeping the 1985 Academy Awards with eight wins and three nominations, Amadeus has deservingly earned the status of a cult classic, prompting the release of a director’s cut of the film in 2002.  Available to rent through Amazon Prime.  (PG – Theatrical Release, 1984; R – Director’s Cut, 2002)


Mozart in the Jungle (TV)

Despite its name, this award-winning TV show explores a wide of breadth of musical periods and styles from Mozart, to Messiaen, and Mazzoli.  The show follows members of the New York Symphony after their long-time conductor is replaced by an eccentric young man whose unorthodox methods and celebrity-like status defies the traditions of the classical world.  Many real-life classical musicians have made cameos on the show including LA Philharmonic conductor Gustavo Dudamel, violinist Joshua Bell, pianist Lang Lang, and composer Caroline Shaw.   Free with Amazon Prime.  (TV-MA)


Websites & Apps

Tonic Tutor

Lessons may be over, but your Tonic Tutor games will be available all summer long!  Keep your theory and aural skills sharp by playing your favorite Tonic Tutor games, or use Tonic Tutor’s messaging service to stay in touch.  (Ages 4+)


Clapping Music App

Put your rhythmic skills to the test with this addicting game set to Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music.”  No music reading is required, simply follow along with the colored dots.  Be warned, it’s harder than it sounds!  While this game is safe for children, the level of difficulty is better suited for teens and adults.  (Ages 4+)


Vox Pop

Motion graphics artist and music enthusiast, Estelle Caswell, delivers a fascinating series of videos that explore topics in contemporary music such as “How a Recording Studio Mishap Shaped ’80s Music”, “How Sign Language Interpreters Are Bringing Music to the Deaf”, and “Why We Really, Really, Really Like Repetition in Music.”  Please note that the songs featured in Vox Pop videos are uncensored, and some may include profanity or other content that is not appropriate for young viewers.



Musicophila: Tales of Music and the Brain

Imagine becoming a piano prodigy after being struck by lightning or a having a 7-second memory for everything except for music!  In this enthralling book, neurologist Oliver Sacks unveils the mysteries behind these real-life case studies, and more.



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