Performance Videos Now Streaming

When it comes to motivating students to achieve their very best, I must say that performing in front of peers is near the top of the list!  Traditionally, the obligatory end-of-the-year recital has been the tool of choice for many piano teachers.   Now, with the video streaming feature available on the portal, students can reap the benefits of a recital experience at any point during the school year and without the pressure of a high stakes, one-off performance.  

Student videos are already available to stream from the “studio news” portion of the portal.  The latest video will appear directly on the portal homepage for your viewing pleasure.  Videos will also include a feedback form where viewers can–and absolutely should!–share their compliments, encouragement, or feedback with the performer.  Supporting your peers and learning how to give constructive feedback is an important skill for music and for life!  As such, every student regardless of their age or ability is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.  

The video streaming feature was down for the last several weeks while IT was fixing some issues but now that it’s up and running I hope you’ll check back regularly for new videos. Who knows? You might even see a familiar face or two!