Guidelines for Remote Lessons

Due to the business restrictions currently in place, all lessons will be conducted remotely via Skype until further notice. Read on to learn more about making the switch to remote lessons.

General Information

  • Use the link provided in your weekly reminder email to access the chat for your Skype Lesson. You may also access the link by logging into the student portal and clicking on the event in your calendar. The teacher will initiate the video call through this chat when it is your lesson time.
  • A Skype account is not required. You may join the chat as a guest.
  • Please make sure the student is ready at the scheduled lesson start time. Students should be prepared to focus on the lesson for the entire duration.
  • An adult should be present at the start of the lesson to assist with any technical difficulties.  It is recommended that children under the age of 8 have an adult present for the entire lesson. 

Space Set Up

  • The camera should be set up to give a side view of the student seated at the piano so the teacher can see the student’s full arm and hand.
  • The lesson space should be well lit and free of all other distractions such as televisions, pets, siblings, etc..
  • Noise can reverberate around a large space, making it difficult for the teacher to hear and understand the student. Please keep doors shut when possible and use headphones if your room is particularly large and echoey.

Connection Platform

  • Click on the link provided to access your Skype lesson “meeting place.”  You will use the same link for every lesson.
  • You do not need a Skype account to join the lesson.  However, guest accounts are only active for 24 hours.  If you wish to review past messages or documents you will be unable to do so after 24 hours unless you create an account.
  • Please note you may need to download the Skype mobile app in order to use the platform on a tablet or phone. 

Materials Needed

  • You will need a laptop, tablet, or phone with internal camera and microphone, as well as a reliable internet connection.  If using a mobile device, you may also need a stand or tripod to hold the camera steady.
  • Please have lesson books, handouts, and a pencil ready and within reach.  Colored pencils are also highly recommended for marking dynamics and expressions. Younger students may also want to have reward stickers nearby to mark completed pages.