Student Composers– Nocturne by Ryan Skelly

Welcome to the dark side! If you’re a night owl like me, then it’s hard to resist the allure of a nocturne. If you’re not familiar with the genre, a nocturne is a musical composition that is evocative of the night. Beautiful, mysterious, and a bit eerie, it’s no wonder the form was favored by composers like Frédéric Chopin.

After starting lessons for the first time about a year ago, adult student Ryan Skelly recently completed his first major piano composition. At nearly fifty measures long, his Nocturne in C# Minor is a substantial accomplishment, particularly for someone with only one year of lessons under his belt. Oh–And did I mention he was able to achieve all of this while serving active duty in the military?!? 🇺🇸

Perhaps Ryan has his career to thank for his incredible discipline and industriousness. However, I wondered if the regimented life of a military man might be at odds with the creative and individualistic side of being a musician. He replied:

“I go through all the same things as everyone else. Frustration with work, relationship ups and downs, pride in accomplishments, joy from small things. We all have ways of coping with the world around us, good and bad….I don’t always know how to express myself through words so I like to use music.”

Beautifully said! Now without any further ado, I’m incredibly excited to present “Nocturne” by Ryan’s Skelly. Enjoy!