Studio Policy

.Tuition & Enrollment

Students may enroll under one of the following tuition plans:

School Year Plan

  • Tuition is calculated at a discounted rate based on the student making a 10-month commitment to the studio for the duration of the school year. The student must be registered by October 1st, 2019 to be eligible.
  • If the student withdraws or is terminated before fulfilling their commitment to the school year, the student must reconcile payment with the teacher in one of the following ways; by continuing to make payments until school year tuition has been paid in full, or by paying the difference owed per the weekly lesson rate. Unused tuition will not be refunded.
  • After the first thirty-five lessons, the student will continue to receive lessons at his or her regularly scheduled time until the end of the school year pro bono. This means students with a perfect attendance record may receive up to two free bonus lessons at the end of the school year. For this reason, the teacher is not obligated to make-up any missed or cancelled lessons.

Per-Lesson Plan

  • Tuition is calculated on a per-lesson basis.  Students have the flexibility to start or stop lessons at any point in the school year.
  • Students are allowed one excused absence per monthly billing cycle. All subsequent absences will be billed without exception.  The student must give 72 hours notice in the event of an absence for it to be considered excused. Exceptions to the 72-hour rule will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students may restart lessons after a discontinuation once per school year. This allows per-lesson students to take an extended off-calendar recess without penalty. Students must give 72 hours advance notice of their intention to temporarily or permanently discontinue lessons to avoid being charged for the upcoming lesson.
  • Lessons are given on a weekly basis at a consistent day and time barring studio recesses. New students must submit the New Student Registration form prior to their first meeting with the teacher.  Returning students should submit the Returning Student Registration form.
  • Invoices will be sent via email at the end of each month. Electronic invoices contain a “Pay Now” button for fast and convenient checkout.  Online payments will include a 3% surcharge to cover processing fees. The teacher also accepts cash and check. Please note that the teacher reserves the right to raise tuition fees each school year.


Practice Requirements

  • All students must have daily access to an acoustic piano or 88-key weighted action keyboard with sustain pedal. Students must meet this requirement in order to proceed past the trial lesson. While playing seated, students should use a piano bench or armless chair. Swivel and rolling chairs are not acceptable for practice.
  • Each week, the student will receive a customized practice sheet which lists the student’s assignments and the recommended sequence of practice steps. The student is expected to come to lessons having adequately practiced and prepared all assignments listed on the practice sheet.
  • Students should bring all relevant practice materials to the lesson including method books, scores, practice sheets, and other materials required for study. A three-ring binder is highly recommended for safe storage of practice sheets, music, and other handouts.  The teacher encourages students to keep separate tabs for music and practice sheets, as well as organize the binders in reverse chronological order for convenient access.

.Behavior & Etiquette

  • The studio is not only a place of business, but also a family home with nearby neighbors. As such, guests are expected to be on their best behavior while visiting the premise. Rude or disrespectful behavior toward the teacher, her family, her property, and that of her surrounding neighbors will not be tolerated. The teacher reserves the right to ban any visitor whose poor behavior is deemed threatening toward her livelihood, home life, or community.
  • The studio cannot function without a working piano, therefore all guests are expected to treat the piano and piano bench with the highest level of care and respect. The following behaviors are not allowed: Pushing, kicking, or standing on the foot pedals and pedal lyre; Lifting up or prying on the keys or dampers; Picking at the finish or making indentations with fingernails or other utensils; Handling the piano with excessive force; Standing or kneeling on the piano bench; Dragging or sliding the piano bench.
  • Students and their guests are not permitted in the private, “family-only” areas of the house for any reason.  All visitors are to stay within the studio space, adjoining restroom, and ground floor of the foyer.
  • Students are to let themselves in and wait quietly in the foyer until the teacher is ready to see them. Please do not knock on the door or appear at the window as it may disrupt ongoing lessons. Students are encouraged to remove their shoes and have their practice sheets out and ready to show the teacher.
  • Please do not wait for the current student to leave before entering. Students who do so will be marked late and the missed lesson time will not be made up.

Parent Responsibilities

  • The teacher reserves the right to refuse minors entry to the studio until a parent or legal guardian can remain present for the duration of the visit. The teacher will not assume liability for any damages or injury caused by unattended children.
  • Parents are expected to help their children follow the instructions on their practice sheets and complete their Tonic Tutor games, or any other assignments, on a weekly basis. For more information on the practice expectations for children, please see the Getting Started guide.
  • If your child struggles to make it to the restroom in time, is unable to leave the toilet as clean as they found it, or just has a penchant for peeing outside, then he or she is not yet a suitable candidate for the studio.  These behaviors will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Transgressors will have their invitation to the studio revoked until the following year.  Please accompany your children to the restroom as necessary and ensure any other young guests in attendance are also aware of these expectations.

.Privacy & Admin

  • On occasion, the teacher may take pictures or video of you or your child during lessons for educational and social media purposes.  The teacher will ask permission from the student and responsible parties before sharing such items on her website or Facebook page.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding your progress or the policies of this studio, you are encouraged to call, e-mail, or schedule an appointment with the teacher.