Studio Policy


Please see the studio’s reopening plan for information regarding COVID-19.

Policies and Procedures for the 2020-21 School Year

September 7th 2020 – June 26th 2021

General Information

RegistrationRegistration is open to students aged 5 and up. By submitting a registration form, applicants agree to the terms outlined in this policy.
COVID-19Students may attend lessons remotely via Skype or in person. If attending any lessons in-person, students must first submit the “Visitor Consent and Safety Agreement.” Students may switch their method of attendance as needed, however the teacher would request a minimum of 2 hours advance notice is given.
SchedulingLessons are given on a weekly basis at a consistent day and time. The studio will be closed for various recesses throughout the year in conjunction with major school holidays. Dates for all recesses and other important events are posted on the student portal calendar before the start of the school year.
PaymentPlease see the Tuition page for current rates. Invoices will be sent via email at the beginning of each month and may also be accessed on the student portal. Payment is due by the end of the month. Electronic invoices contain a “Pay Now” button for fast and convenient checkout.  Students may alternatively sign up for automatic payments through the student portal. Online payments will include a 3% surcharge to cover processing fees. The teacher also accepts cash and check.
Student PortalStudents will be granted access to the student portal following their enrollment at the studio. A link to activate portal access will be sent to each email address listed on the registration form. Children may use the portal if they have their own email address, however the portal will not allow them access to invoices, payment records, or other financial information.
Instrument RequirementsAll students should have daily access to an acoustic piano or 88-key weighted action keyboard with sustain pedal and appropriate seating. Owning an instrument is not a prerequisite for the trial lesson, however students are expected to meet this requirement in order to proceed with future lessons.
Assignments & MaterialsFollowing each lesson, the student will receive a customized practice guide which lists the student’s assignments and the recommended sequence of practice steps. The student is expected to come to lessons having adequately practiced and prepared all assignments listed on the practice sheet. Students should remember to bring all relevant practice materials to each lesson including method books, scores, practice sheets, and other materials required for study.

Student Conduct

ExpectationsThe studio is not only a place of business, but also a family home with nearby neighbors. As such, guests are expected to be on their best behavior while visiting the premise. Rude or disrespectful behavior toward the teacher, her family, her property, and that of her surrounding neighbors will not be tolerated. The teacher reserves the right to ban any visitor whose behavior endangers her home, business, or community.
Using the Grand PianoThe teacher cannot run her business without a working piano, therefore all guests are expected to treat the piano and piano bench with the highest degree of care. The following behaviors are not allowed: Pushing, kicking, or standing on the foot pedals and pedal lyre; Lifting up or prying on the keys or dampers; Picking at the finish or making indentations with fingernails or other utensils; Handling the piano with excessive force; Standing or kneeling on the piano bench; Dragging or sliding the piano bench.
Courtesy for OthersPlease do not knock on the door or appear at the window as it can disrupt ongoing lessons. Additionally, visitors are kindly requested to remove their shoes before entering the studio as the teacher and her young students often sit on the floor to play various games and activities.
Respect for Teacher PrivacyStudents and their guests are not permitted in the family-only areas of the house.  All visitors are asked to stay within the studio space, adjoining restroom, and ground floor of the foyer.

Cancellations & Withdrawal

Lesson Cancellation Policy
on the Per-Lesson Plan
Students are permitted one absence per monthly billing cycle. Additional absences during the same month will be billed, however students may avoid this charge by attending a make-up lesson. Please note that make-up lesson opportunities are based on the teacher’s availability and cannot be guaranteed.
Lesson Cancellation Policy
on the School Year Plan
The teacher reserves two unpaid lessons per school year to account for illness, snow days, or other cancellations. For this reason, the teacher is not obligated to make-up missed or cancelled lessons. Make-up lessons will be granted based on the teacher’s availability and cannot be guaranteed.
Snow DaysThe studio determines snow days independently of school district closures or delays. Weather conditions may change significantly from the morning the school issues a closure to the evening hours when most lessons are scheduled. If the studio must close, students will be notified by text and email.
Termination of Lessons on the Per Lesson PlanStudents have the flexibility to start or stop lessons at any point in the school year. Students on this plan are also permitted one temporary withdrawal per school year. This allows per-lesson students to take an extended off-calendar recess without being charged for multiple absences.
Termination of Lessons on the School Year PlanStudents on the school year plan are expected to remain enrolled at the studio for the duration of the school year. If the student withdraws before fulfilling this commitment, the student is no longer eligible to receive the school year rate. In this event, the student’s tuition will be recalculated on the per lesson rate and the student will be responsible for paying any difference owed.

Parents & Guardians

Parent ParticipationConsistent parent participation during lessons and at-home practice is strongly encouraged and is necessary in order for the child to receive the maximum benefit of their piano lessons. The younger the child, the more parental guidance will be needed at home.
Parental SupervisionWhile the teacher loves having kids at the studio, children left unattended by their parents present a liability for her business. The teacher thusly reserves the right to cancel or postpone lessons for any minor until a parent or legal guardian can remain present for the duration of the visit.
Tonic TutorTonic Tutor is an online service for kids that reinforces music reading, aural, rhythm, and other important musical skills through interactive games. Students are expected to complete their games prior to their lesson each week. Because the teacher pays out of pocket for this service, students will have their accounts deleted should they fail to consistently complete their Tonic Tutor assignments.