Studio Policies

Lessons & Scheduling

  • It is recommended that students attend lessons at a consistent time each week. The teacher will accommodate those with irregular schedules to the best of her ability. Advance notice is appreciated should scheduling conflicts cause the student require an alternate time.
  • The student is expected to come to lessons having adequately practiced and prepared all assignments. If unprepared, the student is nevertheless obligated to attend the lesson.
  • Students should bring their personal copies of all books, scores, or any other materials they are currently working from.
  • This studio follows the Saratoga Springs City School District calendar, including major holidays, recesses lasting for two or more consecutive days, and cancellations due to snow. Holidays on the school calendar during which only one day of classes is cancelled will not be observed. In other words, students are expected to attend lessons on President’s Day, Columbus Day, etc., but will not be required to come during Thanksgiving recess, spring break, and so forth.  This allows students the freedom to spend time with their families and travel during the longer breaks, while ensuring that we will have enough time to fit a minimum of thirty-five lessons into the school year.
  • Parents are encouraged to observe lessons whenever possible. Siblings or other young children may be asked to move to the waiting area should they become distracting to the student.

Tuition & Enrollment 2017-18

  • The teacher reserves the right to raise tuition fees at the beginning of each new school year.
  • Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card, or PayPal.
  • Please contact the teacher if you have any financial concerns, including late payments or the need for a scholarship. Resolution of these matters will be determined on an ad hoc basis.
  • Tuition includes a subscription to, a game-based online training tool designed to reinforce the musical concepts taught in lessons. To learn more about Tonic Tutor please visit their website or refer to my review.
  • Students may switch between 60 and 30-minute lessons once per year. If increasing lesson time to 60 minutes, any pre-paid tuition will be applied to the new rate. If switching to shorter lessons, pre-paid tuition cannot be refunded.
  • The studio provides the following options for enrollment:

School year plan (Sep. 6, 2017–Jun. 22, 2018)

Tuition is calculated at a discounted rate based on the student receiving a minimum of thirty-five lessons over the course of the school year. After the first thirty-five lessons, the student will continue to receive lessons at his or her regularly scheduled time until the end of the school year pro bono. This means a student with a perfect attendance record can receive up to three free lessons per school year. For this reason, the teacher is not obligated to make-up missed lessons due to unexcused absences, holidays, snow days, or illness.

The deadline to select this plan is October 1, 2017. As a courtesy, you may postpone your first month’s payment until this date.  This will give you time to experience lessons before committing to a full school year. After a plan is selected, you will be billed for your September lessons accordingly.

Weekly plan

The student will be charged a flat rate per lesson.  Advance payment for multiple lessons does not qualify for a discounted rate. All students enrolling after the October 1st deadline will default to this plan.

Practice Requirements

  • An acoustic piano is strongly recommended. If no piano is available, an 88-key weighted keyboard with sustain pedal is acceptable. The instrument should be placed outside the vicinity of distractions such as televisions or computers. If you are unsure whether or not your instrument is adequate for practicing, please contact the teacher.
  • A piano bench is highly recommended, although a flat-bottomed chair without arms may also be used. Swivel chairs or other rolling chairs are not suitable for practice.
  • Students are expected to work from their own personal copy of any books, scores, or materials required for study. If requested, the teacher will obtain these items for the student. In such cases, students are expected to reimburse the teacher in a timely manner.

Behavioral Expectations

  • The studio is not only a place of business, but also a family home. As such, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to this setting. Crude or disrespectful behavior toward the teacher, her family, her property, or that of her surrounding neighbors will not be tolerated. The following examples will result in immediate expulsion without exception:
    • Acts of violence or aggression toward the teacher, her family, visitors, or household pets.
    • Intentional and malicious misuse or destruction of the teacher’s property.
    • Any illegal activities.
    • Eliminating in the yard or anywhere other than the toilet while on or near the teacher’s property and surrounding properties.
  • Offenders will be held responsible for their actions regardless of age.  As such, parents should supervise their children accordingly.
  • Family members or other guests of the student will be held to the same behavioral standards as stated above. Anyone in violation of these terms will be banned from the premises. Students are thusly urged to inform their guests of these expectations.